Meet Us

Hi, we're Jeff & Cait Jensen.  Here are a few fun facts you might not know about us: 
We are newlyweds (actually, not anymore technically).  We live in West Chester, PA.   We have a photography business called Jensen Photography. We live in an apartment beneath Cait's sister-it is SO much fun. We watch Biggest Loser, SVU, Top Chef, and Housewives (Cait's pick) consistently.  We have a Westie puppy named Ollie.  We have traveled to South Africa Together.  We live on a budget, and really enjoy living simply.  We danced to Ingrid Michaelson's "You and I" on their wedding day.  Oh yea, we also rode a bicycle built for two...

 I (Cait) am the author of the blog, although Jeff plays a major role in its function as well.  I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am 5 feet tall. I hate condiments. I love peanut butter. I have a B.S in Cross-Cultural Christian Ministry. I have a minor is Anthropology. I am f ull time photographer.  My favorite colors are green and yellow (if you couldn't already tell). I enjoy running. I was a collegiate athlete (lacrosse). I absolutely hate the sound of chewing. I have a tattoo on my arm, it says “compassion” in Hebrew.  I have another tattoo on my back, it says "Love until it hurts, then love more" (Mother Teresa). My third tattoo, on my arm, says, "It is well with my soul." I'm done getting tattoos-for now ;) I love to cook and bake and blog about it.

Meet my handsome husband, Jeff. He is a husband. He is a son. He is a brother. His favorite color is blue. He hates bad drivers. He secretly wants to be a magician. He loves coconut. He enjoys running…when I convince him to. He has a B.A. in Exercise Science. He is now in school to receive his Doctorate in physical therapy. He is really good at making Chicken Salsa…and eating all of the goodies I make for him.

A few pictures of us over the past few months:

Please visit our Bucket List Page to learn more about us!
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