Hungry for Change?
If you haven't watched the movie Food Inc. yet, you should go to the nearest Red Box right now and rent it.  It is so important to know and understand what we are putting into our bodies. 

Help Make the World a Sweeter Place
I'm sure you have all heard the benefits of buying fair trade goods.  But do you ever feel like its so hard to make an impact unless everyone joins it?  Its not.  Jeff and I decided to support buying fair trade chocolate, in efforts to support the end of childhood slavery. And you can too! By visiting stores such as Ten Thousand Villages, you can not only buy this yummy chocolate but several other goods.  Give it a try!

30 Healthy Snacks
One of the biggest reasons I feel so bloated at night (aka fat, but I'm trying hard not to use that word), is because I'm a great snacker.  I always turn to for helpful tips! Here is an article that gives you 30 different choices of great & filling, yet healthy snacks.

What's In Our Nation's Chicken?
This link is a video from one of the most important episodes I have watched on the Dr. Oz show.  Dr. Oz explains that free-range chicken, doesn't necessarily mean what we picture in our heads: chickens roaming around free in a large open and grassy field. In reality, it only means that chickens were given the opportunity to venture into a field for only 5-10 minutes, but in reality most do not.  He explains the importance understanding labels and buying only organic chicken and meats.

Michael Pollan writes about the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in the built environment.  One of his famous quotes is: "Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants."

Living Without Magazine
Are you living without one of your favorite foods because of an allergy? This magazine has been very helpful to my family as we have struggled to learn what it is like to live a life free of gluten.  Enjoy lots of stories, recipes, and helpful articles!

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