Bucket List

While driving from PA to NY one weekend, Jeff and I decided to make our very own bucket list.  Our list isn't necessarily things we want to do before we die, but rather things we hope to accomplish together within our first few years of marriage.  Each week we will complete one to two things on our list and post a video for you to see. We hope that you have as much fun reading and watching these as we do completing them!

2. Take a stranger to IHOP.

3. Travel to China together.

 4.  Have a winter picnic with coffee.

5. Eat 6 saltines in 60 seconds, with no water. (Attempt #1)

6. Drive without a destination, and find a fun hotel to stay in.

8. Go skinny dipping.

9. Buy someone Starbucks.

11.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

12. Cait eat cream cheese while Jeff eats pickes...EW.

13.Go strawberry picking.

14. Travel to California to visit Cousin Kim & family.

16. Learn a new card trick-Jeff.

17. Take a spin class at our gym.

18.  Swim in a hotel pool (without staying there).

21.  Have a jello eating contest.

22.  Have a baby...or two or three ;)

23.  Fork someone's yard.

24.  Go to lunch in the Hampton's.

25. BBQ for Port Jeff homeless community.

26. Visit Maryland/Annapolis friends (Manifolds & Kupfers).

27.  Go 2 months without buying anything materialistic.

28. Re-connect with an old friend.

30.  Write a rap.

34.  Surprise one another somehow.

35.  Pay for the person's toll driving behind you.

36. Go to a Knicks game.

37.  Treat Bob and Cindy (Cait's parents) to a dinner.

38.  Treat Cheryl and Glenn (Jeff's parents) to a dinner.

39.  Drive the speed limit for an entire day (rare in Long Island).

40. Enter some kind of contest.

41.  Feed each other blind folded.

44.  Volunteer with Special Olympics.

45. Pull an all-nighter...AH.

46. Make it to the Food Buzz Festival in San Fran next year.

47.  Go to Cake Boss Bakery.

48.  Raise $100 for ______.

50. Take the ferry to Connecticut.

51.  Milk a cow.

52.  Grow a garden.

53.  Catch a fly with your bare hand, and get on tape-Jeff.

54.  Go to a Universalist Church Service.

55. Make a compost bin.

56. Start a fire without a match-Jeff.

58. Take a cooking class.

59.  Play Bingo at a retirement home.

61.  Fly a kite.

62. Go to the Statue of Liberty.

63. Buy a house, and make it a home.

64. Go horseback riding.

65.  Balance a spoon on nose for 1 minute.

66. Go to Disney World-Cait (Jeff can come too).

67. Watch a meteor shower.

68. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in two days.

69.  "No electric night." (although we do this often)

70. Throw a surprise birthday party.

72. Swim with dolphins.

73.  Learn how to yodel.

74.  Have a staring/laughing contest.

75. Go camping by ourselves (FYI we are horrible campers).

76. Have a craft day.

77. Receive Master's Degree-Cait.

78.  Receive Doctorate Degree-Jeff.

79.  Write a love poem for each other.

80.  Make cookies for our neighbors we haven't met yet.

81.  Go to a Hillsong concert.

82.  Feed ducks from a park bench.

83. Go back to South Africa

84. Run a marathon.

85. Buy ice-cream from the ice-cream truck.
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