Sunday, February 13, 2011

Polar Bear Plunge

Today was the day. The day where Jeff crossed the dreaded Polar Bear Plunge off of our Bucket List! (Un) fortunately I wasn't able to jump in the water since I am allergic to the cold (no really, I have Raynaud's) but I still supported my hubs! We went downtown to a small beach and quickly completed the task.

At first, he was nervous...

But then he focused on the task at hand. He quickly undressed...

And while he stared out at the cold ocean water ready to conquer it...

I sat comfortably on the log. I tried hard not to complain since Jeff was about to jump in freezing water, but I was quite chilly filming this...

Don't believe that he actually did it? Here is the proof (listen carefully, you can hear a girl on the same beach yell, "Oh my gosh" as she watched Jeff jump in the water):

What a sport he is! I know it may seem like Jeff completes most of the Bucket List items, however I just make him do the ones I don't want to ...such as eating a habanero pepper or attempting the saltine challenge. But I did join in on the fun as we tried tofu together and made breakfast in bed! If you don't have a bucket list, you should. They're tons of fun :)

Have you ever done a polar bear plunge? If so, how was it? Was the experience worth the cold?


GirlyGirlCooks said... Best Blogger Tips

Good for Jeff! I would be on the log right next to you! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this blog. You guys are so entertaining and your recipes are never over the top complicated. Beautiful pictures. Keep it up :))

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello form Canada, I must say you both are so cute, it's very refreshing. I adore you both and only know you through the glimpse you share on your blog, crazy how people can connect without ever meeting. Hugs Susan

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