Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Weekend

We got home last night from a very fun weekend in PA! Jeff and I drove to Harrisburg area to meet up with a bunch of friends at the college we graduated from. Friday night we spent relaxing at the good ole' Student Union. I didn't have my camera so I'll start this post with Saturday morning's breakfast at one of the best diners I have ever been to! And can you believe I didn't even know about it all 4 years of college?

We were all quite excited about this breakfast. It took us all forever to decide what we wanted since every single thing on the menu looked great!

Jeff ordered the french toast, while I decided on a sausage & egg breakfast sandwich on an english muffin. Little did I know, this was more like a hoagie than a little sandwich!

Nikki and Brandon were equally excited! Nik ordered some very yummy pancakes.

We were all happy campers once our bellies were full and headed to PetsMart (yes I know some people called it PetSmart, however I don't). Rach found this adorable pup and we all wanted to take her home!

We eventually headed home to relax before meeting up with more friends for dinner at our favorite college restaurant: TJ Rockwells. Too bad there aren't more of these around, the food is great! While relaxing we watched the movie "Buried." DON'T WATCH IT. The entire movie had only 1 actor and took place in a box. The whole 2 hours. At least we had good company to watch with, though :)

Friends at dinner...

The weekend seemed to fly by, and before we knew it we were back in the Student Union taking our goodbye pictures...

Luckily, the fun-filled weekend wasn't over for Jeff and I because...WE MET OUR NEW PUPPY!!! We met my parents and sister & brother in Morgantown and drove to the breeder's house we have been speaking with to meet the newest addition to our little family. Ollie is a West Highland Terrier and is only 6 weeks old. We will be bringing him home in 2 weeks, as soon as he is old enough to leave his mother.

Meet Ollie. He's perfect!

We came home and had a "puppy shower." That's right-we are dog freaks. My parents and sister each have two dogs! They were so excited that Ollie was joining the family that each person got him a little present. The shower was complete with "Ollie" cookies.

Man, is the pup going to be loved. You may think we are crazy dog people...but that's fine with all of us ;)


Claire said... Best Blogger Tips

Great Picture of you two at breakfast! :)

casprincipessa said... Best Blogger Tips

I just found your blog! My husband and I have a westie, they are such a great breed. I can't wait to see more pictures :)

GirlyGirlCooks said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun weekend! Your soon to be puppy is too cute and I love the idea of a Puppy Shower!!!

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