Friday, February 11, 2011

Marshmallow Pops

This weekend the little girl I nanny for turns 6 years old! She is having a small birthday party, so Jeff and I decided to make a party/Valentine's Day treat for her to take to her friends at the party. They obviously aren't the healthiest, but are much healthier than a cupcake or piece of cake...and much cuter in my opinion.

  • 1 container of Baker's melting chocolate
  • 15-20 marshmallows
  • red and pink sprinkles
  • 15-20 lollipop sticks (you can find these at Michael's)

First, follow the directions on the Baker's container and melt the chocolate (30 seconds in microwave, then stir and repeat until fully melted). While the chocolate is melting, place a marshmallow on the end of the lollipop stick. Once chocolate is fully melted, dip half of the marshmallow into the chocolate. Sprinkle with colored sprinkles. Repeat until all of the lollipops are made, then place in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes for chocolate to harden. Enjoy!

I bought these sprinkles a while ago and use them all the time! All of the colors are great.

We let the kids I nanny for each have one when they got home from school and they were a huge hit!

Want to see some behind the scenes? Being a food blogger isn't as easy as it may seem. Jeff and I put a lot of effort into our pictures. We usually take anywhere from 20-50 pictures until we get the perfect one!

Don't you just love his blue eyes? :)

You could really make these for any event. For a baby shower, you could decorate them with blue and pink or yellow sprinkles. For Halloween, orange sprinkles. So on and so on! Have fun with them...we sure did :)

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a blog full of weldons. said... Best Blogger Tips

these are SO perfect! THIS SHOULD BE IN A MAGAZINE!!! i want to make these NOW!!! in fact, it might just be our monday monring project! a perfect after lunch treat (and great motivation to eat veggies for two little boys :)
and i love the little photo studio you two set up! your hubby is such a good sport...i love that he's the one holding the background!! so cute!!

brandi said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun idea! I love that they're super easy, too, and kids would LOVE making these.

Happy weekend!

thechurchcook said... Best Blogger Tips

How fun! Someday you will photograph a cute little tyke biting into those yummy marshmallow treats, rather than a bearded man. No offense to you, Jeff! Beautiful photos. :)

A frog in the cottage said... Best Blogger Tips

they're so cute !!! a beautiful & very easy to make idea !!

healthy mamma said... Best Blogger Tips

Soooo cute! I love that my young kiddos can help me w this one!

Medifast Coupons said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute idea, simple with great end results. For sure you could make these up for just about any occasion.
And yes he has awesome blue eyes.
Happy Valentine's, thanks for sharing your cute recipe, kids are really going to enjoy.

Claire said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a cute and inexpensive Valentine's Day idea! I think I'll give it a try, thanks! :)

Shana said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you very much for the recipe! We made them for V-day and my girls loved them!

amish bed frames said... Best Blogger Tips

The ever popular marshmallow pops! I think every kid here in our neighborhood know how to make one!

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