Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time to Organize

This post was originally Jeff's idea. Now, I never would have thought that my purse was a problem-that is until Jeff brought it to my attention. One day he asked for something random (I forget what it was...maybe a spoon) and of course I had it in my extra large purse. We started dumping everything out and looking through all of my goods, and we found some very interesting items! I guess this is what happens when you have a suitcase for a purse.

Meet my purse. It's my favorite color and from Target. I bought it on sale for $15.00 (originally $30.00) and use it every single day.

Meet all (most) of the things inside of my purse.

You know the game that is played at bridal/baby showers where you win prizes if you have certain items in your purse? I think I would win. However I don't have tweezers in there and that is almost always one of the questions at the parties...

Anyways, you know I am a nanny when I have these items. I am learning a lot about motherhood. One of the important lessons=always have a lollipop on hand (hence the multiple wrappers).

You know I am a food blogger when I have two things of oatmeal, a grapefruit, spoon, toothpicks (whyyy do I have these?) and a bag of sugar.

Quick side note-this is my favorite instant oatmeal. I tend to use whole oats, but when in a rush this is a great choice! A little pricey since it is gluten-free, but worth it.

You know I have Raynaud's when you can find hand/feet warmers and multiple pairs of socks.

You know I'm a gym rat when you find an i-pod and old school head phones!

You know I'm a girl (pretty self explanatory when I'm carrying a purse...but you never know) when I carry multiple nail polishes, dozens of tampons, birth control pills and large sun glasses.

You know I have health issues when you find the following: b12 supplements, allergy medicine, a toothbrush, numbing medicine for when sores appear in my mouth (long story), and vitamin C throat drops.

And now you know that I steal from Red Lobster (and other restaurant chains). I admit it, I stole their sugar. At least I didn't steal their salt and pepper shakers or candle centerpiece like I have before (oops)! Please don't judge me.

You know I enjoy a good book when you find this:

So although my post is titled "time to organize," I'm not sure if I want to. Because what would I do if my toes turned blue and I needed some socks? Or if the 2 year old I nanny for needed a toy truck and lollipop to stop the tears? Or if I had a sudden urge to bake with a bag of sugar? Or if I wanted to paint my nails 3 different colors?

This is me...organized.


brandi said... Best Blogger Tips

ha, I'm sure my bag is the same or WORSE! I have such random stuff in there: usually a book or two, camera, snacks, post its, etc.

PS: I love that purse! Green is my favorite color.

Claire said... Best Blogger Tips

At least you have stuff you use! My purse is a disaster but it's mostly trash! I desperately need to organize my purse collection-they are all a mess! :) PS. I love your blog, you 2 are so cute!

GirlyGirlCooks said... Best Blogger Tips

My purse pretty much looks like this too! Except I never throw away receipts, so my purse is fully of random papers floating around! And don't worry, I steal pens from waitresses at's kinda a problem! Love your purse, the color is my favorite!

thechurchcook said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! I thought you emptied my purse for a second!! Too cute!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

All of those things fits in that purse??? (I am a girl and your purse looks small)

handbag organisers said... Best Blogger Tips

I am an organised person especially when it comes to my handbag, I hate looking for things when I'm in a hurry, its so frustrating! there is an invention which hunki-dori have introduced by tintamar. Its an insert which has compartments to organise all your bits and when you want to change your handbag, you just need to take out the insert and put it into another bag with all your content!!! amazing! I love it but see for yourself @ x

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