Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nanny Reading List

In 3 weeks I will be starting my full-time nannying job. I will be spending my days taking trips to the beach, library, walking park, and of shops with a perfect 2 year old boy named Sean. I cannot wait to get to know this family even more over the next few years. So, I figured I should start a reading list of books I will read while Sean naps for 3 hours every afternoon :) (what a hard job I have, right?...I can't complain). First on the list-which I may have to start and finish this week...

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

Second on the list is a book that Carly just bought while she was visiting Port Jefferson. We had a great Saturday, spending our time walking around downtown into bookstores, eating breakfast at the infamous "Toast," and traveling to Ikea to spend money we don't have on unnecessary decorative household items :) I'll let her tell me if it is worth reading or not...but for now, it remains on my list...

Little Bee


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