Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats inside our fridge?

Recently I have been OBSESSED with food blogs. (Specifically ohsheglows.com). I started the Master Cleanse this week and after day 2, realized I wouldn't make it to the 10th day unless I changed some things. So as Jeff told me earlier today, I created "CaityAnne's Cleanse." I still really enjoy the liquid mixture used during the Master Cleanse (lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper), however feel very weak when only drinking that throughout the day. I also do not want to stop working out completely, so I decided it would be best to drink the liquid when I wake up at 7:00 am, again at 9:30 am and then hold off until one more at night right before bed. In between, I eat raw veggies and a handful of raw almonds before heading to the gym for some extra energy!

I've always struggled with food. I just love it so much. Because I am small, I can gain a pound in an hour...but also lose one in a day or two. I am working hard at being not only healthier, but more consistent. Since finding out a few months ago that I am allergic to gluten, my body has had to re-adjust to a new diet completely void of wheat, barley, and rye. I feel fabulous off of gluten, and think I may feel even more great on a raw food diet for a while! So here I go....

For now though, I will share with you what Jeff and I eat :) Why? Because 1. I love food 2. I love pictures and 3. I'm always fascinated with wanting to know how others eat.

Meet our fridge.

It's small, but so are we :)
Here are some of our favorite foods:

A necessity on a gluten-free diet: corn tortillas! (only 99 cents at Whole Foods)

Sometimes, ok a lot of times, I don't feel like cooking dinner.
This has become one of our favorite dinners: yogurt and granola!
Its filling, healthy, and very very yummy.

I have an addiction to chocolate, as do many girls. And I feel
a little bit healthier whenever I eat chocolate covered almonds or
cranberries instead of straight up chocolate :) These are amazing...
try them.

Jeff likes Coke. I enjoy Steaz Iced Tea.

One of our favorite things to grill...easy and only
100 calories per link!

Finally, our butter & milk. Things that everyone has.
However Jeff and I are committed to buying organic now.
If you buy anything organic, make it your milk, eggs, and meats...
they are SO much better for you.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into our bellys :) Heres a sneak
peak at tomorrows blog: "Whats inside our snack cabinet?"

Finally, I would like to thank Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
Without them, we would starve.

Day 3 of detox starts tomorrow...yipeee!


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