Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our first Halloween.

Yesterday was Halloween! Jeff and I realized as we were handing out candy that it was our first married holiday together. And even though we don't have a house, we have a home together, so we wanted to hand out candy! But first...we went for a nice run together :)

This weekend we decided that we would be running the Ocean City Maryland half marathon in April with Nikki & Brandon. We are also looking to sign up for one a bit earlier (since we want to start training now), so if you know of any let us know.

He was cold...but not for long! By the end of the run we were sweating, but it felt great. We both agreed that running outside feels so much better than running in the gym. I would say running in the gym is only good if you really want to push yourself. I know for me at least, I am able to run on the treadmill much faster than I am outside.

After our run we ran inside and grabbed our water bottles to hydrate, our big bowl of candy to hand out to the kiddies, lamby blanket, and of course our camera to document everything.

Up first: hydrating.

Next: eat candy.
(great post workout snack ;)

Jeff's candy of choice was Peanut M&M's. Mine on the other hand, was Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, every girl's weakness.

Meet Logan and Aiden, our neighbor friends. Logan was obviously, YODA. Aiden was a Ninja and wouldn't stand still enough for a good picture, probably because he had already eaten about 500 pieces of candy. But that's what Halloween is for, right?

I finally got one of Aiden when he came back outside to help Jeff and I hand out candy.

So there you have it, a documentation of our first Halloween. Now this all looks like it took a pretty good amount of time, but we really only lasted outside for a few minutes. It was freezing and since NY trick or treats earlier during the day...we were a little bit too late and missed most of the kids. We eventually just told a few kids to take 5-10 pieces each so we could go inside and watch a scary movie: Red Dragon (highly recommended). Hope you had a very happy day, whether you were outside with your trick or treaters or inside eating treats & watching scary movies :)


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