Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current Loves dinner for my hubby.

((Tonight I made some pasta with vodka sauce and chicken-simple & quick yet delicious)).

...eating dinner (candlelight) with my hubby.

...Matt Kearney Pandora station.

...Pinterest. Well, I'm always loving Pinterest, but this week I am specifically loving these DIY fabric button earrings. I've made so many to match every outfit!

...Ollie. I fall more in love with this pup everyday.

...reading in bed each night next to Jeff. We've recently started setting aside a half hour each night to read. I'm reading "The Unlikely Disciple" amazing and hilarious book!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Making the chocolate chip muffins from the Food Buzz on your site. Hope they come out well for the concession stand! From Cheryl

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

How did you make those earrings?! They are fantastic! Also really love the EAT sign in your kitchen... It's adorable! You're really crafty. Gma must have taught you well!

Life's a Bowl said... Best Blogger Tips

Dinner with the one you love is always enjoyable :) I have been a Pinterest feign the past couple of weeks looking for wedding inspiration!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The book looks interesting...brief synopsis? :)

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