Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving on to bigger & better things...

One thing you might not know about me is that I stress...a lot. I also worry...a lot. It runs in the family, I think. My mom, sister and I are all this way. And as hard as I try to not stress or worry about anything, I always seem to find something to worry about.

I thought moving to PA would cause all of the stress in my life (wh
ich was mostly being away from my family and traveling so much) to go away. Unfortunately I was wrong. So what am I stressing about? Our business. Jeff and I honestly could never have imagined our life where it is today. Our business is thriving more than we ever dreamed. We have booked well over 20 weddings for this upcoming season and realized that we may be in over our heads. So, I guess at least it was a good thing to stress about?

With working over 40 hours a week nannying, we realized that we had zero time to edit the engagement shoots we have had and definitely wouldn't have time for all of these weddings this spring/summer/fall. So, we took a leap of faith and I left my nannying job to focus on our business. Scary? Yes. But exciting. Yes!

I am still working part-time (from home) as a personal assistant for a friend that sells insurance but it really gives me time to focus on our clients and their pictures. I started my new life yesterday and can honestly say that I feel a weight lifted off of me. I am able to enjoy photography now, rather than feeling pressured to edit. I am able to go for a run in the morning and still have time to complete all of my work. I have time to visit my grandmother who is very sick every few days. Most importantly, I have time to do this...BLOG :)

Here is a picture of us from this past weekend. We visited friends in one of our favorite towns, Annapolis, MD!


Sabine said... Best Blogger Tips

Good to see you back on here, your blog is one of my favorites. Congrats on the decision to focus on doing something that makes you happy! Hope your granny will feel better ... seeing a lot of you must mean the world to her.

Aimee said... Best Blogger Tips

your blog is one of my favorites, so i've missed you blogging. hope you will have time for this more. and I wish you luck with your new adventure. We got an awesome new camera for Christmas, so I wish we lived closer (although we don't really know each other) and you could give us some tips.

Can't wait for some new recipes, if you're still gonna do that too:)


Emilie @ Emilie's Enjoyables said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats Cait! That's so exciting. I wish I had been able to book you for my wedding!

https://booksthoughtsadventures.com said... Best Blogger Tips

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith...to put peace back in your life...it's one of the reasons why I stopped teaching...

Aileen said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy that you are doing what makes you happy! Isn't that what life is about? Your blog is one of my favorites as well...looking forward to reading more!

Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips

congrats! you guys are amazing and doing bigger and better things every day!

ALA said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I love your pictures..no wonder you are so booked!

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