Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday morning....

Jeff and I have been so busy with our photography business! As much as I want to complain some days because of how busy we are and how we find ourselves with just about zero down time to relax, we are so so thankful that our business has taken off so quickly. This weekend we had 3 shoots-1 wedding, 1 family and 1 newborn triplet shoot! We have found that photography is not as easy as we thought it would be! It is surprisingly very stressful-weddings in particular.

As a photographer, you are not only in charge of capturing pictures and memories of the day, but also the time line in some cases (and that's a very important job on such a structured day!) If there is not a wedding coordinator, it is the photographer's job to know when the bride needs to be done certain pictures and on to the next event. So, we always spend a lot of time preparing the night and morning before heading to the wedding. We have to be ready to bring our "A" game! Saturday morning we started out with a great breakfast-eggs, spinach, sausage and cheese scramble. We needed something filling that would last us until our first break...this did the job!

I always spend time carefully picking out my outfit and getting ready-although you aren't in the spotlight at all the day of a wedding, you are always seen. Meaning, there are always possible clients watching you :)

We had some fun with Ollie while we gathered up our props for the photo booth we set up during receptions...

Ollie wishes he could be our assistant. He promised to even dress up with his top hat if we brought him along...

Oh, and...HAPPY Halloween! Sorry, are we a few days late? I guess that proves to you how crazy our week has been :)


So Domesticated said... Best Blogger Tips

So happy to hear that your photography business is taking off!

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Seeing your photos that you guys do for weddings and such seriously makes me want to become a (professional) photographer!
It's awesome to hear that your business has taken off!

Meaghan O'Connor @ My Spoonful of Inspiration said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad to hear your business is doing so well! Congrats :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad your photography business is going so well! I can feel your pain about lack of time and blogging. I think I'm doing a blog post once every two weeks because with 30 hours of work plus nursing school a week, who has time to rest!?!?
Haley @ The Girly Girl Cooks

Kirsten Glasbergen said... Best Blogger Tips

Your dog is so cute!! Plus your photography is awesome! If I lived in your part of the world I would so have you take pictures of my family. We're in the Niagara region of Ontario (think Niagara Falls) so if you're ever here...

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