Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of those days...

It’s been a while since I have actually written something longer than a few sentences. In college, I lived for writing papers. Nerd alert, I know. I could bang out a paper in only a few hours with a smile on my face the entire time. I started this blog for two reasons. First, because I love to cook and bake and want to share my adventures with you all. Second, because now that I am not in school, I need something to keep my brain going. I know that reading can do this for me, but I could not live a happy life without writing. So here I go…my first “wordy” post, not food related.

Yesterday was a rainy day. The kind of day when you just want to lay in bed and watch Homeward Bound and Anne of Green Gables all day (I may or may not have checked the first movie out of the kids section of the library yesterday). Unfortunately though, I had to go to work. Not only did I have to wake up and get my butt moving, but Jeff didn’t. It always sucks when he gets to snug with Ollie in bed for another hour and I have to force myself into the shower (ok, I lied…I never shower in the mornings). I knew it was going to be one of those days…

One of those days where all I want is to be in Pennsylvania with my family.

One of those days where no matter how hard I try to keep my eyes open while reading a very engaging book, they just can’t help but close.

One of those days where I miss my sister and best friend so much more than the day before.

One of those days where my hand always finds itself reaching into the chocolate chip bag and peanut butter jar over and over again.

One of those days where every single person driving around me gets on my nerves, even if they aren't doing anything wrong.

One of those days where I am scheduled to run a “long” run for our marathon training but find myself laying in bed with a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks on instead.

One of those days where I had meat in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked for dinner but grabbed the box of cereal instead and told Jeff to fend for himself.

It was one of those days where all I wanted to do was be miserable, and yet I couldn't. I couldn't because I have a loving husband, adorable puppy, comfortable house, steady job, plenty of food to eat and friends and family that love me. How can I be miserable when I have these two handsome guys in my life?

So instead of moping around all day, I put a smile on my face and remembered all of the blessings in my life! Here's to never having "one of those days" for a long long time...

How do you cheer yourself up when you have one of those days?

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brandi @ BranAppetit said... Best Blogger Tips

ugh i had one of those days last week, too! so weird when they come out of nowhere.

i try to think of all the things I DO have and how thankful I am for them, and then do something that makes me happy: read a good book, take a walk, take a hot bath, etc.

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you there. I've been having one of those WEEKS!

The best way to cheer myself up? Just keep my mind off my problems. I get a LOT of cleaning done and just go through funny movies like it's my job.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate to admit it, but those days send me straight to the cupcake shop ;)

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

If I had a cupcake shop within 10 minutes of me, I would have been there yesterday too ;)

Mary Kate said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this post! (I subscribe to your blog, but this is my first comment)
I'm having of those days (weeks), too, but just like you said - we gotta be thankful!
Thanks for the reminder :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate those days--I usually try to force myself to cook, because it makes me feel productive and cheers me up right away. OR, I just cry and hope that Fritz can cheer me up--which he's gotten very good at! Great attitude, though, Cait :)

GirlyGirlCooks said... Best Blogger Tips

I hate those days! I end up getting fast food, wearing sweats and eating ice cream. Not good! But it happens...we are human. I can't believe how big Ollie is getting! What a cute guy!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

what a great reminder!
ps loved the diy edible arrangement...he must love you a lot!

Selina. said... Best Blogger Tips

I have one of those days alot at the moment because i'm living abroad and miss my best friends and family but i am also very blessed that i have a wondeful boyfriend and amazing opportunities so when i have one of those days i snuggle down on the couch with my man or i go for a walk and look at the mountains and ust thank whatever is out there for giving me this chance. Hope you don't have another day like this for a long long time!

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

Mary Kate-Thanks for your first comment!

Selina-Hang in there abroad :/ I can't imagine-I am only 5 hours from home and find myself homesick every other day. Glad you have your boyfriend to cheer you up :)

GirlyGirlCooks said... Best Blogger Tips I had "one of those days" today. Transferring schools has been a complete pain and I found out today my new school is not offering any financial aid for my required summer classes. UGH! But, I thought of your post and it made me feel better (plus a little baking too)! Thank you :)

Selina. said... Best Blogger Tips

@Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two

Thanks cait, i'm so excited because i get to g home for 2 weeks in june and see all the people i miss. living away from them really does suck but living here is my dream come true so i really shouldn't moan about it ;)

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