Friday, May 13, 2011

The past few days...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post earlier-blogger was down for most of last night and almost all of today. Not only was it down, but it lost a few of my posts and comments on them :/ Frustrating. Everything is almost back to normal, including me! I'm finally feeling 100% better. I took a few days off from the gym in order to get better quickly. Yesterday I was feeling lazy after not being active for a few days, so Jeff and I took Ollie to one of our favorite walking trails.

Don't mind my socks and clogs. These are my absolute favorite shoes in the whole entire world. I even wear them inside as slippers sometimes because they are so comfortable. They are so old though and almost completely broken :/ Jeff and my mom encouraged me to buy new clogs this winter (which I did) but I just can't let these go!

This pup is so spoiled.

It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately my allergies got the best of me and we had to cut our walk short to head home so I could shower all of the pollen off of me. Blowing dandelion seeds probably didn't help...

Getting outside, even if for only a few minutes, always cheers me up! It obviously cheers this guy up too (which he needs since he has 5 finals to take this coming week)...

After a long walk, Ollie looked like this...

(Have you seen anything cuter? Ok, maybe some newborn babies. But this is pretty darn cute! My brother-in-law bought this Westie stuffed animal for us and Ollie loves it).

Tonight Jeff and I went on a date to Red Lobster. My mom and dad sent us a gift card for my birthday last week so we put it to use! I wore a dress that I bought at Target today for $10.00-great find in my opinion and perfect for our date night!

We're finishing up our date night with a movie. Jeff has to study all weekend so we are spending time together tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe for stuffed artichokes! I found some small artichokes on sale at the grocery store and bought them earlier this week-excited to finally be able to eat them tomorrow. Hope you are having a great Friday night :) We sure are.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay - Ollie with his little lovey?! Insanely cute. said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so glad that you feel look lovely in your new outfit...and I hope you had a wonderful date!!!

Ollie looks adorable napping with his toy...

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you, we had a great time at dinner! We don't go out much so when we do it is extra special and fun :)

Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

hey Cait,
i am not new to your blog, i check it frequently, however this is my first comment.

i really enjoy reading ur healthy recipies, they always look so simple. Also, i adore Jeff and Ollie :)

anyhow, i wanted to suggest try wearing a belt with your dress :) they dress is super cute, but idk if its just the picture but it makes u look a little boxy.
just a tip ;o)

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