Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surviving Long Runs...

Jeff and I will be running the Philadelphia Marathon in less than 2 months! I can't believe how close it is...we have been training for so long and are so ready for this race to be here. Yesterday we ran our longest run yet-14 miles. I wish we could tell you all that we enjoyed running, but we honestly can't say that we do...especially runs that are so freaking long. We are not runners. I mean, come on, I am 4 foot 11 inches! My legs do not love to run. There are, however, a few things we do to make the runs a little more enjoyable....

1. Drink a lot of water the night before. Since we wake up and are out of the door by 7:00 am, we really don't want to drink prior to the run. So we don't cramp up on the run, we always drink a few full glasses of water the night before (and unfortunately end up waking to to pee in the middle of the night!).

2. Get a good night's sleep. The last thing you want is to be tired on a long run.

3. Have a pit stop half way through the run. The family I nanny for lives about 7 mi
les from us, so we left a bottle of water and 4 small packs of gummy bears there to drink/eat half way. Although it is always hard to get our legs moving again for the last 7 miles, it is so helpful to get some calories and sugar into our bodies! We also stopped again around mile 11 for a bathroom break and some water at Panera. It is helpful to find places along your run to stop and re-hydrate.

4. Run with a partner. Jeff and I encourage each other the entire run. It is usually me (Cait) that wants to stop and complain, but Jeff always convinces me to keep running! Randomly throughout the run you will always hear us saying to one another, "Great job" or "We got this." The little encouragement helps so much.

5. Don't plan anything for the rest of the day. After our run yesterday we had a portrait shoot for our photography business-bad idea. We were completely exhausted and both ended our day with headaches :/ Take the day to relax! And remember to re-fuel with a meal after the run. Yesterday we stopped at a bagel shop and had some sandwiches on bagels-so good!

So, there you have it. Some things we do to help us through our runs. I'm pretty sure every run I turn to Jeff and say "I can't go anymore. There is no way I can run a full marathon." But we are so close! We have 3 more long runs left in our training program-16 miles, 18 miles, 20 miles.

I felt encouraged after yesterday's run, though. We ran our quickest average pace yet (about 9:45/10 minute miles) and I felt good the entire run. Some days runs go well and other days they don't.

We have already run more than a half marathon, so I know we can do it! Is anyone else training for a half or full marathon? If so, how is it going?


angie said... Best Blogger Tips

oh you guys are just amazing. i am so envious of the gusto to undertake such an undertaking!! i love that you encourage each other and are doing something that is so hard and pushing through the pain. what a great accomplishment it will be!
and those mini apple pies?? scrumptious.

thanks for praying for miss emery tomorrow! we really appriciate you joining us in prayer!

love you guys!!

Jodi said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you for posting this! i am currently training for my 1st Half Mary (but it's only my second race ever, the first was a 5k a year ago)... the race in in TWO WEEKS. this post totally helps b/c i thought i was the only one who felt overwhelmed by long distances AND i also have to plan a pit stop once during runs which i felt made me a "bad runner"... but it really really does help. glad to see i'm not the only one. tonight i run my longest distance yet - 9 miles!! fingers crossed it's a good one. keep it up! just getting up and doing it reallly does mean something. that seems to help me get through it. though i gotta say, i'm ready for the race to be here already! :)

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

It's so funny how you have a vision in your head about what someone looks like in real life, and I never in a million years would have guessed you were only 4'11". You project bigger, I guess. LOL

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

You're 4 ft 11 inches?

lol. Instead of gummy bears, you guys can also eat dates too :3 I prefer medjool, and like you guys, I'm not a runner; I like strength exercises mixed with cardio, like mountain climbers

Claire said... Best Blogger Tips

I am training for a half but not sure about putting down the money for the registration yet. I want to see how I do but am only at about 4-5 mile runs. I have a little over weeks and use Smart Coach (google it!) and it helps tremendously map out my days to run etc. Good Luck on your marathon! I could never do that!

jamie @ cueyourlife said... Best Blogger Tips

These are great tips! My longest run this summer was 15 miles...followed shortly after by a stress fracture. SO...I'm training for shorter distance now and have been having a blast!

Amy@ahealthyandhappyheart said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job! These are wonderful tips. Thank you!
I love that you are tiny too :) I am just about 5 feet! my husband calls me "fun sized"!

Rodzilla said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey I just found your site, and I'm loving the recipe's and really like the site design.

I saw you mentioned that you don't like to drink a lot before the run, but do you eat? A few carbs before you head out may help.

hokiejennylynn said... Best Blogger Tips

Ice baths after long runs are the best (recovery) thing ever. Seriously. They work so well.

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