Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chili Popcorn

I have had a lot of fun with my last two posts (the video of Ollie and I singing and pictures from our honeymoon), but now it is time to get back to posting some recipes! Today I have probably the easiest recipe on this blog. However although it is easy, it could easily take the number one spot as one of the best recipes on here (that is, if it can beat the Samoa Cookie Recipe)! My friend Lauren made this popcorn for a movie night we had with our newly married group from church and I was instantly addicted. I ate so much that I had a belly ache the entire night after leaving our small group :/ It was well worth it though. Check out Lauren's blog for more of her amazing recipes!

  • 1-2 bags of plain popcorn (depending on how seasoned you want your popcorn)
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1/2 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
  • butter spray
-Pop the popcorn according to the bag. Place the popped corn in a large bowl and spray a few times with butter (so that the seasoning will stick). Pour on the seasoning and mix well! Done. How easy was that?

I felt a little bit guilty eating so much of this popcorn the night of our small group, but then Lauren reminded me that it is actually a really healthy snack! You could cut down on the salt if you want it to be even healthier. I'm sure it's not great to down an entire bag or two, but a few handfuls won't hurt you.

Lauren also makes an amazing caramel popcorn (Jeff's popcorn of choice). This savory popcorn however won over my heart.

So, if you are going to a movie this weekend make this popcorn! Then you won't consume a tub of butter popcorn there (which I heard on the news is equal to eating 4 hamburgers)! Or if you are on a budget like Jeff and I and can't spend over 20 dollars on a movie, make your own and curl up on the couch with a Redbox :)

Jeff and I are heading to PA again tonight. Jeff's best friend from college, Charles, is getting married this weekend and Jeff is a groomsman. I absolutely love weddings and can't wait to celebrate with this great couple! I also have a few lunch dates planned with friends and a birthday party for my trendy grandmother who is turning 70. Check back for several pictures of our busy weekend!


Jocie's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Savory popcorn is my favorite! I always horde the yummy ranch seasoning you can get at the theatre nowaways. However, now that I have YOUR recipe, I can make my own tasty popcorn :) Thanks!

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't know they had ranch seasoning at the movie theater! I will def have to try that next time I'm there...

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