Saturday, April 2, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon Training

It's official. Jeff and I are registered for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th this coming fall! I ran the half marathon (which is the same course as the full just shorter) and loved it. Jeff and I have always talked about wanting to run a full marathon and decided the time was perfect! Because training is very time consuming, this summer is perfect for us. Jeff has off of school for a month and I will not be working, giving us time to focus on our long runs. We will finally be able to cross this goal off of our bucket list!

Each week I will dedicate a post about our training update. We will begin this week so that we are in perfect shape for these 26.2 miles! The furthest I have ever run is the 13 miles for the half last year, so my body has some work to do. I cannot wait to accomplish this with my husband by my side. Wish us luck!

(photos from last year Philly Half Marathon)

I had a blast running with my two best friends, but am even more excited to do this with Jeff!

Jeff and I have a few goals for this race which we still are finalizing. My goal with my friends last year was simply not to walk-we wanted to run the entire thing to the best of our ability. However because I have improved as a runner this past year, Jeff and I will most likely set some time goals for ourselves!

Are you running any upcoming races? If not, you should really join in on the Philly fun! There is also a half marathon and 8k the same morning. Won't you join us? :)


Jocie's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm sure ya'll will tear up the marathon. Your enthusiasm is enough to get you through the first 13 miles alone :) Well done! Good luck with training!

Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd love to join, but sadly, I'm across the coast from you!
But to run 13 miles? I gasp for air at the first 2 miles! That must mean I have to get up and be more fit, so I'll run for 30 minutes tomorrow, to the best of my ability!

Missy said... Best Blogger Tips

Cait, Can you post or link the training plan you are using?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Cait!
I just signed up for our local 10k race! I have never done one of these type of things before and need help! Do you have any suggestions for nutrition or know of any websites for nutrition/tips for a race. HELP!
Haley @ The Girly Girl Cooks

gcbcxbxcbbb said... Best Blogger Tips


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