Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marathon Training Schedule

As promised, I am going to share with you the training schedule that Jeff and I have made for our upcoming Philadelphia Marathon. While many people do not start training until 26 weeks before the race, we decided to start a bit sooner. You will see that the beginning weeks are very similar in total mileage since we are staring early but we simply want to be in the best shape we can. We based our training schedule off of 1 long run each Saturday. While we will still be running and training throughout the week, we will attempt to save most of our energy for our Saturday runs. Here is the training schedule we will follow:

What better way to start marathon training then with a new pair of sneaks?! (Note: I bought these before living off $1.00 a week but they came in the mail yesterday). I found them at Kohls since we had a 30% off coupon and some Kohl's cash. I was daring and bought these without even trying them on! Thankfully, I love them and as Jeff said to me when I first put them on, "You won't need to run with a vest at night since the laces are so bright." I usually run in Asics but have been having a lot of foot problems so decided to switch it up with Nike's.

We are on day 3 of living off of $1.00 a day. I had a banana with peanut butter for breakfast, pb & j and carrots for lunch and will eat 2 eggs and toast for dinner. I still wouldn't say we are necessarily hungry, but we are definitely experiencing cravings! Jeff misses sweets. He has a finger full of peanut butter after dinner, but it isn't the same as his Trader Joe's chocolate covered cranberries he usually enjoys. I miss flavored water and of course sweets as well. Staying strong still though!


Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

A few things:

1. I really like your training schedule. I am not as far along as you in running, but by the end of summer I'd really like to be able to pump out a marathon. I live in Chicago, so maybe I can do the Chicago Marathon. If you don't mind, can I use your training schedule? It just looks so nice and organized!

2. I love your shoes and the deal you got for them! They are super bright, but cute colors for sure. You have guts to not try them on, shoes are actually one of the few things I never buy online because I'm so scared of problems with them. Congrats on a good pick!

3. Your daily food for $1/day seems so tiny. I'm on a diet and don't eat that little. You don't notice any loss in energy or anything?


Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Melissa,
Of course you can use our training schedule! My husband Jeff is in PT school and made it last night, so it should be great for any beginner or intermediate runner. The food amount is tiny for $1 a day and we definitely feel less energized. We haven't run much this week (a little on Monday but only 3-4 miles because we felt lethargic). It's crazy to think that this is how most of the world lives though :/ It is definitely a challenge...

So Domesticated said... Best Blogger Tips

Best of luck with your training!

Mona said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you're taking your vitamins : )

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

love your blog and your bucket list is inspiring. running my first 1/2 in early june with my "runner" husband...goal-just to run 13 miles fully.
if you haven't read yet "Born To Run" it is a great motivator to run and made me want to enjoy running.

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

Mona-I am def taking my vitamins! Today I realized I am craving fruits and veggies so much more than sweets! I can't wait to eat a huge fruit salad.

ABender said... Best Blogger Tips

skinny skinny skinny... that is YOU :)

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