Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi from Boca!

I am sitting here typing this in beautiful 85 degree weather down in Boca Raton, Florida and couldn't be happier (well, unless Ollie was with us too of course). Yesterday was a busy day spent traveling, swimming and going to the Miami Heat vs. Sixers playoff game. It was my second NBA game ever and was a very exciting one! I wasn't able to take my camera in since it is considered "professional" but our friend Lexi took some pics that I will post late. I only have a few pictures to share with you today...

Here I am looking a little rough after a very early flight. Thankfully the flight went quickly, and I always dress comfortably on flights no matter how long!

It isn't uncommon for Jeff's friend Mike to be late ;) We were perfectly content sitting on the airport floor eating M & M's though.

Love my nail color-perfect for Florida!

After Mike and Lexi picked us up from the airport we grabbed lunch then hit the pool that they have in their townhouse complex. Their townhouse is adorable & huge! I'll definitely be taking pictures later this week to keep and show Jeff what I want when we can afford a bigger place :)

Back flip in 5 feet of water. Probably not the best idea...but he survived.

They were like little kids in the pool.

I'm off on a run in this beautiful weather since Jeff and Mike are golfing for the morning. SO excited to finally sweat on my outdoor run instead of freeze! We're headed to the beach for the rest of the day then dinner the restaurant Mike just opened later tonight.


Kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, glad your having a fun time in Boca! I'd love to go to Boca someday ^^

Jocie's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Boys are so silly. Glad you arrived alive. Have a great trip and soak up that warm weather while you can :)

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