Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh What a Day...

Oh what a day today was! A glorious day spent relaxing. We started off the morning with some Starbucks. We headed there in style, too. Who needs a rental car when your best friend owns this baby? Mike let us drive it for the day...

I think he looks pretty good in it. Maybe we should get this as our next car? ;)

How adorable is the community they live in?

Grande Light Caramel Frapp for me (no whip) and a regular one for him.

Next stop: the pool! There is a pool in the community we live in so Jeff and I spent the day there while Mike and Lexi headed to their restaurant to work for a bit.

This self-timer picture took a while to perfect...

Loving the pool!

Can't wait for the weather to bloom flowers like these in NY! Soon hopefully :)

I'm cooking dinner tonight for the gang then we're heading out on the town for a few (or more) drinks! Will post more pictures tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of food posts this week-there just isn't much time to cook when beaches and pools are waiting outside for me :)


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