Sunday, April 10, 2011

The First Supper & Headband Giveaway Winner

Lots to talk about today! First and foremost, Jeff and I finished our week of eating off of $1.00 a day. I must say, I am pretty thankful that it is over. I am even more thankful that we have enough money to eat whatever we want whenever we want. Jeff and I learned so much this past week...
  • We learned self control-we had other food in our house but forced ourselves to only eat what we bought with $14.00.
  • We learned what it felt to be hungry-although we were never starving, our stomach's never necessarily felt full.
  • We learned how hard it must be for those with little money to eat a healthy diet. As you saw from our first post, our diet this week consisted mostly of bread and pasta. Fruits and vegetables were way too expensive. So not only did our bodies not get the right nutrients, but everything also tasted very bland.
  • We learned how often we eat out of boredom. There was no snacking this week! Some days we munched a few carrots as a snack (and Jeff confesses that he ate 1 Starburst in class one day), but we only had 3 meals a day.
  • We learned how blessed we are!
To celebrate the end of our $1.00 a day week, we headed to a diner down the street for breakfast before church this morning. We literally rolled out of bed-slippers and all. Both representing our schools-Messiah Lacrosse (who by the way are having an amazing season this year) for me and Stony Brook (where Jeff is in graduate school now) for him!

I was quick to order a hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course) and Jeff had a coffee.

We weren't too impressed with this diner. We usually go to Toast, our favorite breakfast place downtown, but wanted to sit in a comfy booth so decided on a diner. The menu was super small (not common for a diner, right?) and the food wasn't impressive. Good thing anything would have tasted great after eating pasta and bread for a week ;)

Chocolate chip pancakes for her. French toast, eggs, bacon and sausage for him.

Cleaned our plates...

You'll never guess what happened right after we finished eating. A bird (a huge bird) flew into the window of our booth and died :/ It was actually quite disturbing. At first we laughed, until we realized that the bird was hurt and wasn't going to make it. Viewer discretion advised for the next picture...r.i.p birdy friend.

After breakfast we stopped at a yard sale we saw on the way home. LOVE yard sales and so glad the season is starting up so early around here!

The random things people have and attempt to sell make me laugh. Here was one of my favorite finds, although we left it there for someone else to purchase and treasure...

Last but certainly not least, it's time to announce the winner of the headband giveaway! Using I generated a random number and found the winner to be Brandi @ Bran Appetit. I absolutely love reading Brandi's blog daily, and am so excited she won :) Just e-mail me your address at and I will ship your headband tomorrow. Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway. Don't worry, there will be more chances to win something in my giveaway next month.

I am thrilled to be back in the kitchen! I will have several new recipes up this week, beginning tomorrow. Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon-we are off to the movies to see Source Code. Has anyone seen it? Hope it's good!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog :) it makes me smile and i'm in love with your recipes and all the love you have. I was wondering if you guys are vegetarians?
Thank you!
-Yesi :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! that was a very dumb question cause I just looked at the index.
Thank you anyway!

Jocie's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Well done on your $1 a day project. There's no way I could have done it. Scratch that one off your bucket list and move on to something less traumatic for your tummys.

And yes! Diners are supposed to have 14 page long menus...

brandi @ BranAppetit said... Best Blogger Tips

it's definitely an interesting experiment, and it was fun to read your meals and your thoughts on it!

sad that the diner wasn't the best, but those pancakes do look good :)

and hooray!!! i'm so excited for the headband! it's so cute ;)

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

So happy you won Brandi! When I told Jeff the winning number and it was you he said, "Brandi. Isn't she famous? I'm glad she won!" So around our apartment you are known as the "famous Brandi" ;) I guess you could say we are huge fans of your blog. Just sent the headband in the mail today, should arrive on Wednesday!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I was inspired by your $1 a day challenge and tried a $2 a day challenge last week myself! I only lasted 5.5 days, because I'd basically had my fill of pb&j, bread and eggs by then! It was definitely an interesting experiment and in the end, I felt very thankful that I'm able to fuel my body with the right types of food to live a healthy (and happy) lifestyle. As a fellow 20-something Long Islander, I'm a big fan of your blog (I found it via FoodBuzz and the Samoa recipe) and enjoy reading your posts! I'm looking forward to making the "nests" with my niece and nephew this week as their contribution to our family Easter table.

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