Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cucina Orecchio

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday! We had a busy day catching up on sleep, lounging at the pool and finally being able to eat at Mike's restaurant Cucina Orecchio! First though, I'll share with you a few pictures from Thursday night. Jeff and I cooked dinner for Lexi and Mike. Nothing fancy, but it sure was good. For the meat we had a lemon and garlic pork tenderloin and Italian chicken sausage with veggies...

Why do I always have to make a mess?

Wish I had a kitchen like theirs! It was so much fun to cook with Jeff and not be running into each other constantly like in our little kitchen :) One day, one day...

After enjoying a meal together we headed out on the town! I didn't bring my large camera with me into the bar, so we were sure to take some pictures before heading out.

Take two-much better. I bought the skirt I am wearing at Old Navy a few days before our trip for only 8 dollars-they had a crazy clearance rack and I took full advantage!

SO impressed with Lexi being able to walk in these 6 inch heels! They are adorable, but I tried them on for about 10 minutes and struggled big time. Good thing I could never afford to buy them so never have to try ;)

Best friends since high school.

And now we are friends because of them! Fun fact: Lexi caught my bouquet at our wedding.

The next day we recovered from a late night out by relaxing at the pool. At night we finally headed to Mike's restaurant. Jeff and I took some pictures of the food (which was incredibly amazing- huge portions and cheap prices) for Mike to use on his new website.

The feel of the restaurant is super cozy-perfect for a romantic date night. They serve authentic Italian food which is not only delicious but priced very reasonably. If you are ever near Boca Raton, FL please take time to check them out! You could start off with an appetizer like this...

Each dinner is served with a soup or salad and a side of pasta anyway you like. I had a salad with angel hair pasta covered in butter and garlic-yum.

Then you could enjoy one of these lovely meals...

We of course had to end with a dessert! We didn't order this one but I had a taste and it was just as good as the ice-cream we had.

A great way to end our trip. So happy for Mike and Lexi and their adorable and delicious restaurant! We had a very early flight this morning and woke up at 4 am to get there just in time-Jeff and I were the last ones to board the plane...oops! At least we made it though, right? Sad to leave our friends, but happy to be home with our Ollie man :)


Candace Lynn Grubbs said... Best Blogger Tips

wow those louboutins are amazing! i wouldnt be able to walk either i think they are so pretty though!

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