Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our first Christmas.

Today Jeff and I celebrated "our first Christmas" since the next few weeks will be spent with lots of family. This was the only time we had to celebrate with just the two of us! We didn't do any big gifts this year, only stocking stuffers. I was so happy with the gifts Jeff bought for me! He was so creative and thoughtful. I on the other hand, didn't get Jeff very great gifts :( I couldn't think of anything, so stuck with a few "typical" gifts (like boxers). Next year I promise to do better!

My two favorite gifts from Jeff: powdered peanut butter (with 85% less fat than regular peanut butter) and wooden spoons from a fair trade shop I love!

I got Jeff his favorite movie, Home Alone and a Santa mug that he wanted from the Christmas Tree Shop while we were shopping one day.

He also got me a new sports bra and some unique teas from the fair trade shop.

Of course the boy needed some candy, a man tool, and some boxers from Gap.

We each had a few more gifts but I didn't want to bore you with too many pictures! Here's a video of Jeff performing a "magic trick" with "magic bunnies" that I bought him for 79 cents at The Christmas Tree Shop. I zoomed in too much and ruined his trick he said, oops.


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