Sunday, January 16, 2011


Remember the pancakes from yesterday morning? Well, now I'll share with you what else we made for breakfast in bed: an egg-in-a-hole! Except we made it into a heart, since we're in love :) Like I said before, this is a great idea for surprising anyone you love with a breakfast in bed, or for a Valentine's Day breakfast. Just throwing some ideas out there for you...

  • 1 fresh egg
  • 1 piece of bread
  • butter
Cut a hole or a heart out of the middle of a piece of bread (we used whole wheat). Butter both sides of the bread and the heart cut out, and toast on the stove top until brown. Once toasted, crack the egg into the hole and heat for about 5 minutes on LOW heat. Be sure to put it on low so that the egg whites cook slowly.

Since I only eat my eggs scrambled, I didn't enjoy this breakfast-but Jeff did and I'm sure many of you out there would as well! There is just something about runny eggs that doesn't seem right to me. But it still makes for a pretty picture! And boy did I have fun taking them in manual mode!

We had some fun taking pictures this morning. Actually short story for you: yesterday at my photography class each person in the class had to share what they enjoyed taking pictures of. We all heard lots of "nature, my kids, sports,"...and then they got to me, where I pronounced, "I enjoy taking pictures of food." I am sure people found that odd, but I find it fun! See...

In all, today was another great day. We made two somewhat large purchases (at least for us), so we will have to stick tight to our budget the rest of the month. But that is fine with me, because I came home with these boots from Aldo and this lens which I took tons of pictures with today! Can't wait to show you tomorrow, whoever you are :)


thechurchcook said... Best Blogger Tips

My teenage daughter absolutely loves making these for herself! I love the heart cut out!! You and Jeff have the MOST adorable blog! So glad to "meet" you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My Daddy loved these! Even after I was grown and away from home, if I was there on a Saturday morning he would ask for them. He's been gone 8 years now. How I wish I could make them for him one more time.

Dani said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks wonderful! It really brings me back to my time at home with my parents. I would fix "egg in a basket" as we called them, (though my dad called them Birdpoop in a basket to bug me) and we used to dress them with a little ground mustard and a touch of garlic powder just before we flipped the bread.

Charissa said... Best Blogger Tips

That is daaaahling. I'm going to have to try this...and btw, as soon as I found your blog yesterday I became a follower. ;) It's lovely!
Happy Easter!

Katie Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello Caitlin,
very nice blog and this simple idea with and egg in a heart hole is so cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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