Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and you would wake up extra early on days that it snowed just to check the weather to see if your school's name was across the bottom of the screen? That would have been me this morning, only I knew last night that the kids' school who I nanny for was closed which therefore meant I had a day off! Both of the parents I work for are teachers, so I follow the school schedule which is great.

Jeff and I woke up this morning thinking we would have a relaxing snow day. Which we are now, however it didn't come easily. Since our landlord is 70 years old, we were stuck shoveling the 18 plus inches of snow in the driveway. Then of course we felt bad for our other two neighbors and shoveled them out. After 3 or more hours outside, we are now inside having our snow day! Hey, at least we got a good work-out since we couldn't make it to the gym anyway.

Snow is great, but not almost 2 feet of snow! Way too much for my liking...

My plan was to have "loaded oats" (aka oatmeal with just about every topping on them) for breakfast, but since shoveling took longer than expected we had some for lunch instead! I topped Jeff's with some brown sugar, whole wheat apple-pecan bread from yesterday, coconut, banana and of course a scoop of peanut butter! It was perfect after being outside in the cold and warmed us up quickly.

The rest of our day consists of movie watching. Strictly, movie watching. The Red Box DVDs are Salt (which we already saw and loved so wanted to watch again) and Knight & Day. I'm not sure how many we will get through, but it is all we have on the agenda!

I'll be making sweet potato fries later, so check back for the recipe! Hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but I'll take a 2 hour delay too. Are you snowed in? How are you spending your day?


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