Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for 2011

I wasn't going to do one of these posts, but then thought it would be fun to always have it "on file" to look back for encouragement and also to see how successful I was at the end of next year. So here they are, my goals for 2011 (all of which I think are achievable-I think a lot of times people make goals that are way to hard to hopefully these are doable).

Fit into my jeans comfortably. Do I fit into my jeans? Yea. But does it hurt to put them on some mornings? Yea. I know I know...I made a goal involving losing weight with the entire rest of the country. However I've been working on this goal for a while now. I have gained a bit of weight (some due to overeating, some due to heath problems I'm currently dealing with) and either way, I would like to put a pair of jeans on and feel great in them! Because Jeff has this month off of school, he is training me everyday. Not only is he meeting me at the gym after work to train me, but also has written out daily diets for me to follow. It helps to have someone push me and I'm beyond excited to lose these few pounds to get back to my body's "healthy and happy weight." Rather than use the scale to track my progress, I am simply going to try on my pair of size 2 jeans that I loved (and fit) last year. Once they fit, I will know my hard work payed off!

Crochet more. My grandmother taught me to crochet several years ago and I couldn't be more thankful. However, I never really stick with it. I'll make a baby blanket for a new mom and a few scarfs for Christmas...but I really want to make this one of my hobbies. I recently bought a crocheting book and am working on a project that I can hopefully share with you later this week!

Run a marathon. Is it bad that even typing that makes me cringe a little? "So why would you run one then?", you're probably asking. Well, it is something I KNOW I can do and have always wanted to do. I used to hate running. With a passion. I was one of those kids in gym class who "sprained my ankle" the day before the timed mile run. Now that I have a better relationship with running, a marathon is something that will push my body and my brain. If anything, I've learned that distance running is almost completely in your head. Although you do have to train so that your legs and lungs can finish the race, it is mostly mental. So, my goal is to train for the Philly Marathon next fall!

Re-design our blog. Good thing I have a patient husband. Pretty much everyday I am asking him to change something on our blog, whether it be a small font change or a color change. We are currently working with a graphic designer to re-design our blog and I hope to learn more about blogging and web design as the year progresses.

Learn to shoot our camera manually. I am signed up for my first photography class January 15th (next weekend) and couldn't be more excited! Since buying our new Canon T2i, we have a lot to learn. Our goal is to learn how to shoot manually by the end of the year-definitely doable!

Save money. Because we live off of one salary, it is hard to save money. However our goal is to save money each month. We don't have a set amount because we understand that some months we spend more than others due to birthdays or traveling, but we want to be putting some amount of money into savings on the last day of each month. The more money we save, the sooner we will have our down payment for our future home :)

Take a cooking class. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. But I think that is fine. I know a few things I love, and since one of them is cooking I would like to take a cooking class to see if this field is something I want to pursue more!

Along with these goals we also have our bucket list which we will also be crossing things off of this year. However these are my long-term year goals that I hope to work on each and everyday.

Did you make any goals for this year?


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