Monday, June 27, 2011

When life happens, blogging doesn't.

I'm back! I took the week off since Jeff and I were so busy and blogging felt more like a chore instead of a hobby. When this happens, I'd rather not even blog since I always want to enjoy it. So, I'll fill you in on what we have been doing, in a list form. Things we LOVED about this weekend:

1. We sold our Canon t2i camera and bought TWO new Canon 60d cameras!
2. I spent the entire weekend with my college roommates.
3. We ate great food at one of our favorite places, Shady Maple in Lancaster, PA.
4. Jeff's brother Brian is visiting from Portland, Oregon.
5. We spent yesterday celebrating our adorable niece and nephew's birthdays with family!

Our weekend started out at my friend Rach's house where we enjoyed some shisk kabobs with her family.

We woke up bright and early to head to Shady Maple Smorgasbord, a favorite of anyone that lives within an hour of my hometown. Has anyone ever been there? It's amazing and I have so many high school memories from there!

I definitely didn't eat the healthiest breakfast or portion sizes, but figured this was a once a year one day of "pigging out" wouldn't hurt ;) And it didn't. It was amazing! After breakfast we headed down to the Chesapeake Bay where my family keeps our boat.

Here is my beautiful mom.

And my dad in his happy place...

Doesn't the water make it look like we are almost in a tropical place? Obviously I'm kididng. The water was super warm and tons of fun, but not the prettiest color.

It was a short trip to PA since we headed home early Sunday morning to make it back to Long Island for a birthday party for our niece and nephew. Here's a few pictures from the party yesterday, more to come tomorrow:

We were also busy with lots of shoots for Jensen Photography! I'll be back tomorrow to share some of those pictures and a new recipe :) Hope you enjoyed your week and weekend as much as we did.


In Katrina's Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! When life happens blogging doesn't! So true! My blog is suffering this summer! lol

Cait @ A Bicycle Built for Two said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't worry, I think it is like that for everyone! Life is more important than blogging :)

The Hungered One said... Best Blogger Tips

I can definitely relate to this subject line... it's what happens every weekend! lol

And you are gorgeous; great photos :)

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