Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Market Kind of Morning...

Jeff and I are in PA visiting my parent's for the weekend and decided to wake up early to head to the Farmer's Market in West Chester! SO worth it...we left with some fabulous Apple Butter homemade by the Amish and Jeff got himself a very good looking sticky bun. We didn't buy too much produce since we have to travel home, but it was a good way to start our morning before heading down to the Chesapeake Bay on my Dad's new boat.

Good morning from the Jensen's!

There were so many delicious, fresh, organic goodies to see! Here are a few of my

"Vegetarian Turkeys"...made me smile.

Jeff and what he thought he was going to buy to eat for breakfast (banana nut bread)...until he saw the fresh sticky buns of course.

Me with my Apple Butter! Which I put on my oatmeal this morning (pictured below). SO good!

I wanted to buy these, but didn't want to spend 6 dollars in case I didn't like them. So, I just took pictures instead.

Two of my best friends.

Last but not least-I leave you with some encouragement...BUY LOCAL.

After the Market we headed home and all jumped in the car to head to the Chesapeake Bay to spend the day on the boat. It was a perfect day on the water-no waves whatsoever and sun shining. The only problem were there were ZERO fishies! Dad and Jeff fished for hours, and not one bite :( It will still worth the time spent with family though...

We snacked on some granola that my mom bought at the Market!

My very beautiful mama...

There's my husband, taking a break from fishing. Can you tell what he is reading?

If you can't is a close up :)

My dad was in heaven. He loves nothing more than being on the water...with his 3 girls and their hubbies.

More snacks...homemade trail mix by sister and a sleeping beauty. For some reason, being on the boat has always made my sister and I first: very hungry and second: very tired. Once again, we ate a lot and slept a lot...and loved every minute of each.

It was finally time to call it a day. Dad is thankful that he has boys to help with the boat instead of just us 3 girls now. As you can see, he put Jeff to work :)

I'd say today was a GREAT day. Hope yours was too :)

I'm heading to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make Pumpkin Spice Yogurt & Granola Parfaits for breakfast before Church tomorrow morning! Check back tomorrow for a new recipe.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

this looks like the best day ever! very very very verrry jealous. and the boat looks amazing!

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