Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Sunday.

I'm happy that it was a beautiful and perfect Sunday...but sad because tomorrow is Monday. Good thing this week is only 2 days long! Then Thanksgiving break! A plus about being a nanny for 2 teachers is that I get off all holidays too.

So last night we had boys & girls sleepovers with our friends the Zietsman's, and felt just like we were back in middle school :) Jeff dropped me off to spend the night with Lauren and picked up Fritz for a boys night. The girls drank hot chocolate and chatted literally all night long, while we learned this morning that the boys pigged out on pizza and candy and watched war movies. Typical of both genders. We reunited this morning for a fabulous breakfast made by Lauren and myself.

The boys got right down to business playing the game Jenga while Lauren and I made some breakfast.

Lauren made very yummy whole wheat pumpkin pancakes...and lots of them ( Go here to visit Lauren's food blog and read the recipe)!

I made my sausage & egg muffins, since Fritz loves anything involving eggs & meat and Jeff requested another batch! We were fatties, and ate almost all of these.

We had lots of toppings for the pancakes...I chose to top mine off with Lauren's homemade pumpkin butter and cinnamon & sugar. SO freakin' good.

The boys eventually quit their game and joined us for breakfast. Love married friends :)

I stole this picture from Lauren's blog so you could see me in action. Lauren snapped a picture of me snapping a picture of our food. You know you're a food blogger when you spend more time taking pictures of the food than actually eating it...and by the time you eat, its usually cold. But that's fine with me!

Our bellies were stuffed, our hearts were happy.

After some breakfast and spring break planning, Jeff and I came home and relaxed for an hour or two before heading to our favorite state park for a run/hike and picnic.

We listened to good ole' James Taylor on the way. So relaxing...

After running/hiking about 3.5 miles we headed down to the beach for a picnic lunch. It was pretty cold, so unfortunately we didn't last long. But we had a ton of fun just being outside for the day in such a beautiful place! (of course Lamby Blanket came along-he comes with us often)

Our lunch. Pretty light since we had such a heavy breakfast...

This boy loves him some string cheese. He always says my mom has the best string cheese because it is the stringyest (is that a word?). This wasn't my mom's obviously...but he still enjoyed it!

In all, we had two fun filled weekend days that were completely free! Jeff and I have been trying to save some money this month, so we wanted to do activities that didn't cost much. Feeding ducks/coffee date and a hike and picnic=free and fun. Hope you had a great weekend as well :)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon? Jeff and I love being lazy and spending the day on the couch...but we also love spending most of the day outdoors. Share what makes you most happy on days like today...


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