Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When is your weight "happy"?

As you can see, I've been reading a lot of healthy living blogs and my excitement to live a healthy lifestyle increases each and every day. I try not to obsess about my weight, and rather focus on being healthy. However each and every one of us know when our body feels it's healthiest. I was reading an article a while ago from Self magazine that Jillian Michael's wrote (and since The Biggest Loser is on tonight, why not spend even more with Jillian today). This is what she said:

"I try to start the season of The Biggest Loser in the best shape as possible...then, during the season, I am so exhausted that it is hard for me to work out, so my body will change on the show. I usually get 8 to 10 pounds heavier. I'll go from 115 pounds to 125 pounds. At 115 pounds I may look ripped, but I also look old. At 125 pounds I am stressed out like crazy. I feel my healthies at 120 pounds, and I can hold it there."

First of all, it is encouraging to hear that even THE Jillian Michales struggles with weight fluctuation. I feel like the media trains us to think that all of the girls we see in the magazines were just born perfectly fit. SO not true.

What is a happy weight?
Your happy weight can't be calculated. I am only 5' and so when I typed my height and weight into Self.com's "happy weight calculator" they gave me a rediculously low number that made me feel horrible about myself. If I ever wanted to weigh that little, I would have to work out like crazy and eat very little. So your happy weight is something that YOU must discover for yourself. It is a weight your body can maintain with relative ease, in which you feel most energized.

I found this article on WebMD and loved it.

So although I didn't agree with the number that Self.com calculated for me, I also don't agree with where my body is right now. I know I am still very small, but I know I can be a little bit healthier/more toned. So Jeff and I have created: Operation Get Jacked (don't worry, we all know I won't actually get obsessively jacked...so just let me dream a little here)...

For the next 4 weeks I will be eating and working out according to my trainer, my husband (who actually is a certified trainer). In order to lose a few pounds and gain some muscle, Jeff has me eating every 3 hours and working out for about an hour everyday. He also has to text me continually during the day to remind me to DRINK WATER. I am horrible at this. Maybe because I am always cold, and never want to drink anything cold. But I am working on it. Here is what I am eating today:

7 am-Peanut Butter & Banana Amazing Grass Shake
10 am-20 almonds/cashews
1 pm-Oatmeal & Banana
3:30 pm-Half of a Think Thin Bar before the gym
6:30/7:00-Salad with shrimp & Sweet Potato Cake from last night
9:00-Five Cashew Clusers

At the gym we are doing interval training and lifting my shoulders, back, and abs. Although my diet will be somewhat strict for the next 4 weeks, I hope that after losing only a few pounds, I will be able to get back on track with eating all types of foods (including carbs and sweets). But everyone can't always eat what they want...and since my pants are starting to feel a little tighter than I would like, I'm getting serious!

One more thing...
Over the past 2 weeks I have cut meat almost completely out of my diet. I did have an omlet over the weekend with some turkey in it, but other than that I have not made meat with a meal. And I honestly have not craved it. I have felt so much less "heavy" when not eating massive amounts of meat, and have found that I can get healthier protein from other sources such as beans and veggies. I have been reading a lot of books (The Kind Diet, The Omnivore's Dilema) about this since I wanted to be sure that I am making an educated decision if I ever do completely cut meat out of my diet.

What I have learned is that most of us do not think about what we are putting into our mouths or how they affect us and the environment we live in. We rarely think about where our food comes from or how it got into the the nice packages we see on the grocery store shelves. Here are some reasons why YOU may want to eat less meat too (found onThe Daily Green.com) :

Since almost all meats are now processed with hormones and antibiotics, you really should buy organic meat. However ogranic meat is expensive. Once Jeff and I switched over to buying completely organic foods, we realized that with our grocery budget there is no way we could ever afford to eat meat everynight.

As stated above, in addition to hormones and antibiotics, meat producers also process their meats with chemical additives. YUCK.

Many animals are raised in horrible conditions. It is not farming, but rather mass production. Chickens are forced to live in complete darkness instead of in field as they were created to live. Watch this video to learn more about Industial Chicken Farming.

It takes about 2 pounds of grain to produce a quarter-pound of burger meat. Why not convert that grain into food people can eat?

5.) LIVE LONGER (and healthier)
Eating a lot of meat can increase the likelihood of heart disease. Now I was raised in a family that never ate red meat, so I am not saying that chicken is going to kill you. There is nothing nutritionally wrong with eating meat (as long as you eat Certified Organic). However it has already helped me feel healthier!

I chose my top 5 reasons for not eating meat, however there are many more out there. If you can afford to eat organic meats everynight, then go for it. However not only can we, The Jensens, not afford that...but we are choosing not to consume as much meat in hopes that we will not only improve our own health, but also the health of our environment.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I am just finding your blog so I am a little late in commenting here, but just had to chime in. I am just wrapping up a little experiment I did that I called "No Meat November." I went meat free for a month for a lot of the same reasons you cited, and like you, stopped craving meat. Also, I completely disagree with Self's "happy weight" calculation for me. I'm 6' and it says my happy weight is 150. Not gonna happen! Good for you for putting your health and fitness first. That is the best way to a happy weight and a happy life!

Tatianna said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like your blog. You guys are so adorable. I feel like I met you somewhere before, you just look so familiar. Have you ever been to Orlando, FL or Reno, NV?

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